• Minister Frank Watson

Times of Grief

Have you ever been in such emotional pain that your heart felt like it was literally aching? The worst pain in life is not always physical. Often times it’s the emotional pain of saying goodbye that can drive us to our knees. It can make us lash out in anger. It can make the toughest person alive break down in tears. IT can crush a young person’s spirit. Why would a God of love and compassion let such a thing happen? If He cares but He can’t do anything about it, wouldn’t that mean that He’s not omnipotent? If He doesn’t care but has the power, doesn’t that mean he’s cruel?

If you’re trying to cope with the pain of a broken heart, the best thing you can do is draw closer to God. Don’t isolate yourself from the only source of comfort and healing. Don’t throw your head up to the sky as if looking for direct eye contact with God. Rather, let your head; your mind, your heart fall into the Scriptures. God will tell you that His ways are perfect, His word has been tried and tested, and He is the shield for those who decide to take refuge in Him. (Psalms 18:30)

He would also tell you that if you are a righteous individual, He’s going to deliver you from any trouble (Psalms 34:19). As a loving Father, God would tell you that He understands what you’re going through (Isaiah 53:3). God would tell you to hang in there. Because while there is suffering, heartache and pain here, there is a place prepared by Him where none of that exists (John 14:2-4). God would ask you to draw near to him, because of you do He will draw near to you (James 4:8).

We can’t always think of appropriate words to say when someone is going through grief, but God always knows the right thing to say and He is perfect in all His ways. Bring Christ your broken heart; broken life. He’ll fix it for you


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