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Putting The Pieces Together

Dear Friend,

When my oldest daughter Chrystal was growing up, she loved to put puzzles together. Every time Christmas came around, Lois and I would always know what to get her. Chrystal loved the challenge of taking that which was disconnected and discovering a way to mirror it to the image on the box.

On one occasion, after she had demonstrated the ability to do this quite well, we bought her a one-thousand-piece puzzle. Of course, this puzzle had a larger number of pieces, and she had to put in a lot more focus to determine where each piece went. It wasn’t too long into this major ordeal that she came into our room from the table where she had been working and expressed her great frustration. “Dad, I can’t do this,” Chrystal sighed with a strong resignation.

Encouraging her to focus on only one piece at a time, I nudged her back to the table. With a renewed sense of confidence and a more intentional strategy, she went back to work and completed what she thought she could never do.

Maybe this sounds familiar. When you step back and take a look at the pieces of your life, maybe they just don’t seem like they fit together in a way that will make sense.

If that is you, I have good news. Living your life with a kingdom focus will enable you to connect the various aspects of your life in such a way that the entirety makes sense. With Him, all the pieces fit together.

For His Kingdom

Tony Evans

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