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Mother's Day

When Kevin Hart decided to pursue stand-up comedy 20 years ago, his mother told him she would help support him — but he had ONE YEAR to prove to her that he could make it as a comedian.

In the beginning, Hart says he was in love with comedy but low on money. So he called his mom from his apartment. He says, “I hadn’t paid my rent in like a month. I’m like, ‘Mom, the rent. Where’s the rent at?’”

Hart says his mother responded with: “Have you been reading your Bible?”

He hadn’t. A week went by, then another.

Again, Hart asks his mother for rent money. Again, the same response. “HAVE you read your Bible?”

ANOTHER month goes by, and Hart then went and showed his mom the eviction notice put on his door. Mom-ma said, “When you read you’re Bible, then we’ll talk about your rent.”

Hart went back to his place, finally ready to appease his mother and open up his Bible.

So, annoyed at his religious mom but desperate about the eviction note on his door, Kevin grudgingly sat down and opened the Good Book.

“I opened my Bible up, and SIX RENT CHECKS fell out. She put all my rent checks in the Bible.”

What I LOVE about that is how a Christian mom will use EVERYTHING she can to teach her child, even her grown-child about the Lord. Think of the forethought, the imagination, the prayer that went into that strategy. THAT was motivated by love.

Today Kevin Hart isn’t worried about paying the rent; he doesn’t have to. But he hasn’t forgotten what his mom was trying to tell him:

It’s not about your RENT, it’s about your REDEEMER!

Kevin Hart’s mother has since passed away. But SHE left him with a clear message. Now what he DOES with that is on him.

But here was a woman who was praying, strategizing, thinking about, and working for the salvation of her children.

You Christian moms, don’t be discouraged this morning. It’s always right to teach your kids whether they are little or big. It’s your role.

I have talked to moms and I have talked to grown children.

A lot of times the moms worry that they overdid it, when they did not.

You talk to the grown kids and most of them will tell you, I was fine with mom teaching me about the Lord and telling me to worship. It’s what they expect, and more than that it’s what they NEED, and they know it.

The decision to follow the Lord is on them. And if they follow the Lord, then great.

If they DON’T follow the Lord yet… just keep doing right, being faithful, and keep praying. THEY know where your life and your words were pointing them. And that will always be with them.

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